Schedules some number of items that are due today.

Tasks that you don’t get to are weighted to be more heavily in the future.


  • Repeatedly schedules tasks at a specified frequency

  • Schedule a set number or less tasks each day

  • Tasks that don’t get done or scheduled will increase in priority

  • Tested on Python 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8


$ git clone
$ pip install remind-me-some
from datetime import date, timedelta
from remind_me_some.goal import Goal
from remind_me_some.schedule_manager import ScheduleManager

goals = (
    ("Call Mom", timedelta(weeks=1)),
    ("Call Dad", timedelta(weeks=1)),
    ("Call Grandma", timedelta(weeks=2)),
    ("Call Grandpa", timedelta(weeks=2)),
    ("Call Cousin", timedelta(weeks=4)),
    ("Call Uncle", timedelta(weeks=4)),
goals_ = []
for goal in goals:
    goals_.append(Goal(name=goal[0], frequency=goal[1]))

sm = ScheduleManager()
print(sm)  # run the callback for the scheduled action  # clear the action if it's completed

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If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.

About Remind-Me-Some

Remind-Me-Some was created by Audrow Nash -

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for more information.